Our mission at ONOFF is to transform the perception of off-road sport, making it more attractive, accessible and exciting for everyone. We want to be recognized as a brand that not only competes, but also contributes significantly to the development and growth of the sport.

We aspire to lead the off-road industry by creating a culture that celebrates and supports this unique and exciting sport.

In addition, ONOFF RACING's mission is to elevate off-road sport in Portugal, promoting inclusion, health and passion for sport. We strive to be a symbol of quality, innovation and integrity in the world of off-road sport.


Our vision is to be recognized as the most influential and respected competition and lifestyle brand in the National and International Off Road scene. We want to set new standards of excellence in competition, marketing and digital communication in Off Road sport.

Na ONOFF RACING, valorizamos:







Who we are

ONOFF RACING's great value proposition is centered on the team's base pillars, its founders. The three founders of the brand, Bruno Nunes, Emanuel Costa and Flávio Aquino are key references in their fields. Whether in the design and manufacture of Off-Road competition vehicles, whether in Off-Road competition or in marketing and digital communication, they are key players and the best in their areas. In this way, ONOFF RACING presents itself in competition with the necessary expertise to triumph from kilometer zero.

Emanuel Costa

6X National Trial 4X4 Champion

European Champion ULTRA4 | 2015

Iberian Champion | 2021

NorteX4 Ultra4 Trophy Champion | 2022

7X winner of the King Of Portugal edition

encedor XL4 CODE | 2023

1st Qualified Gladius | 2023

Flávio Aquino

SSV/UTV Class Driver | 2015 to 2018

NORTEX4 ULTRA4 Trophy Rookie | 2022

2nd Qualified XL4 CODE | 2023

2nd Qualified | 2023

Campeão Ibérico ULTRA4 | 2023

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