the key to success
We believe that relationships are the key factor for the success of any business, and our DNA is proof of that. The quality of the relationships we nurture today will be directly proportional to our success tomorrow.

We are extremely grateful for our partners and sponsors, each one of them is part of our history and we feel a responsibility to honor their brands on a daily basis with our project.

Get to know a little about each one of them.

King shocks

King Shocks is a leading manufacturer of high performance shock absorbers for a variety of off-road applications. Founded in 1996, King Shocks has a team of engineering and manufacturing experts, using advanced technologies to create high performance, durable shocks. King Shocks products are used by professional racing teams as well as off-road enthusiasts around the world. With products ranging from suspension for pre-runner racing vehicles, to custom applications for utility vehicles, King Shocks offers unrivaled quality products for every type of use.


Maxxis is a globally recognized tire brand, offering a wide range of high quality tires for a variety of applications including automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, ATVs and more. The company was founded in Taiwan in 1967 and since then has been developing innovative technologies to improve the performance and durability of its tires. With a commitment to excellence in design and manufacturing, Maxxis tires are known for their exceptional grip, high-speed stability and responsiveness in a variety of weather conditions and terrains. Whether for intense racing or casual riding, Maxxis is a trusted choice for drivers and pilots looking for performance and safety.

Npower Metalwork

The Npower Metalwork brand specializes in preparing vehicles for leisure, competition and adventure activities. The company has all the necessary machinery to build parts and accessories for these purposes, guaranteeing a high quality service that excels in its refined touch, details and efficiency. With years of experience in the market, Npower Metalwork is known for creating customized solutions for its customers, meeting the highest standards of quality and safety.

Zarcos Ferreira Pinto

ZFP ZarcosFerreiraPinto is a civil construction and real estate company, with tourist accommodation, equipment rental and agricultural activities. Headquartered in Marco de Canaveses and founded in 2021, the company offers construction services for residential and non-residential buildings, purchase and sale of real estate, property management on behalf of third parties, rental of agricultural and non-agricultural machinery and equipment, services of business and management consulting.

Wood. and. Steel

Wood.and.Steel is a brand specialized in furniture and home decor, with a modern and rustic style. With a wide range of handcrafted furniture from wood and steel, the brand offers high quality products that combine beauty and functionality. Wood.and.Steel values ​​the use of sustainable materials in the manufacture of its products, making it a conscious choice for those who care about the environment. In addition to its furniture, the brand also offers a variety of furnishing accessories, such as lamps, pictures and decorative objects, all designed to complement the unique style of the brand's furniture.

Pack Car Care

Pacar Car Care is a brand that offers car care products, with a wide variety of efficient solutions to keep your car clean and protected. With high quality and sustainable products, the brand is known for its dedication to innovation and the continuous development of new technologies.

Giggle Pin Winches

Gigglepin Winches is a brand that specializes in the design, manufacture and distribution of high quality off-road winches. The company gained prominence in the all-terrain vehicle market due to its reputation for producing rugged, reliable, high-performance equipment.

Easy Tires

Easy Pneus is a brand specialized in tires and car services, with the aim of offering efficient solutions to keep your car in great condition. With a wide variety of high quality tires and recognized brands, the brand is concerned with offering the best products to its customers.

fort san francisco hotel

The Forte São Francisco Hotel is a historic hotel in Chaves, Portugal, in a medieval building from the 17th century. It offers comfortable rooms, restaurant and bar with panoramic views, swimming pool, tennis court and ample green spaces. If you are looking for accommodation in a historic hotel in the north of Portugal, the Forte São Francisco Hotel is an excellent choice.

Cutlery chrystem

Cristema Cutlery is a brand of professional knives and cutting tools, recognized worldwide for the quality and durability of its products. With a wide variety of products, the brand invests in innovation and uses high quality materials to ensure the superior performance of its knives.

Latvian Monastery Restaurant

Mosteiro do Letão Restaurante da Batalha is a unique and charming establishment located in a historic and picturesque area. Set amid stunning landscapes and surrounded by a rich cultural heritage, the restaurant is a true gem for food and history lovers.

Monastery of Leitão - Zibreira

Mosteiro do Leitão - Zibreira is a renowned and picturesque restaurant located in a charming rural area, known for its culinary tradition specializing in roast suckling pig. Located in Zibreira, the restaurant is a popular destination for food lovers who want to taste one of the most emblematic and tasty dishes in the region.

Raceline Wheels

Raceline Wheels is an American brand that produces custom wheels for high-performance off-road vehicles. With different models in size and finish, the wheels are made of high quality materials. The company has stood out in the market for offering quality, performance and innovative design in its products.


Clisafer is a certified company that stands out in the air conditioning and swimming pool sector. With a highly qualified and experienced team, the company offers a variety of services, from installation to maintenance and repair.

Motoni motorcycles

Motoni Motorcycles is a Portuguese brand founded in 1989 by the current manager António Silva, a big name in the national motorsports market. With a vast experience in racing, including participation in numerous national enduro championships and representing the National Team four times in the ISDE (International Six Days Enduro), Antônio Silva continues to have fun on two wheels living his passion.

Emanuel Costa Preparations

Emanuel Costa Preparações is a company specialized in all-terrain vehicles and in the trade of used vehicles. It sells all types of accessories and performs all types of preparation of vehicles for off-road use, always taking into account the type of intended use, trying to meet the demands of its customers.